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Some of our project cars used for development and maybe even a few customer projects in time. For now just a basic page but will be expanded as time permits. Here are a few of the cars. There are others but some we just don't claim..


More about the cars by clicking the images to the right.

Project News

Drag car runs 11.47@127mph making it the fastest and quickest in America by over a second! DragTimes.com May 3 09
The cars get their own detail pages Links over there ---> Feb 09
Drag car with 1000cc Injectors and 8000+ Rpm = 511whp Mar 09
9-3 SS Makes 320Hp and 350Ftlbs On E85 (Charts in Dyno page) Custom Nordic Software and Taliaferro hardware. Feb 09
Brembos For the New 9-3 Dec 08
Strut Tower Brace For the New 9-3 Dec 08
Hatchback brace Viggen Dec 08
Drag car runs 12.72 @114 first outing making it the fastest saab in north america on the drag strip with a little turbo and only a 2 liter motor. Nov 08

The Viggen

500Hp 500Ftlbs Flex fuel with AC what else is there to say..Nick Ts car Viggen Page

-95 900 2.0 Drag Car

2.0 Liter drag car project is just getting started. You could call it a hot street car even though it is a bit much for running to the corner store. DragCar Page

Nicks 9-3SS Aero

Just your average grocery getter. Detail Page

NG900 2.3i "Princess"

It may not be a turbo but its still fun. Headers, Intake, Trionic5 conversion etc... Detail Page

Nicks -72 95 Wagon

Decently fast and very ugly! Detail Page

Johns 9-5 Biopower Aero

Just a normal 9-5 Aero auto Stg3+ Flex Fuel.

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